The restoration industry is at $210 billion dollars annually and growing. The industry will continue to grow steadily regardless of the cycle of the economy or season of the year. Does your business have the foundation to keep up with the booming industry?

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Players only beyond this Point

Admission into our intensive 3-day in person bootcamp, 12 hours a day, that will tear you down and build you back up into a new warrior. You will get a deep dive into leadership, sales, marketing and operations throughout the intensive training. We can't promise you will come back the same person you were, but you we can promise you will become a warrior.

Join the Mastermind Tribe

We invested a quarter of a million dollars into self development and reverse engineered what we learned into the restoration industry. Get the best mentors in the industry that will inject a quarter of a million dollars worth of knowledge into your business.

Get Exclusive Training Programs

Take a deep dive into our sales, operations, marketing and leadership courses that goes over the foundations of building a successful restoration company

Insurance Restoration Contractors make billions of dollars every year – regardless of the economy or the time of year or any other conditions that plumbers, carpet cleaners and other tradespeople suffer through on a yearly basis. Other companies get into the business and struggle to stay profitable and maintain cash flow, hire the right people and get the right customers in the door. Stop being a slave to your business and get the learning to get the business you deserve.

Live Events and training

Interested in having the best mentors in the restoration industry speak at one of your events? We hold private trainings and speaking events for companies and events looking to GROW.

Mastermind Tribe

Become a part of our warrior’s mastermind tribe and get access to the best mentors in the industry. Our resources are your resources. We get you prepared to win the war with your competitors

Training Program

Take our exclusive audio training courses that goes over how to build the foundations of a proper restoration company that is suitable to scale and dominate in the restoration industry.

We Helped Them,
We Can Help You

"If you guys are ever thinking about doing something like this, don't think about it, I would want to do this every freaking year."
Gabe Mathews
"They gave me the motivation to tell my story and kick ass. It was just a phenomenal phenomenal experience."

Meet OP and Tim

Who We Are

We work with existing and potential Disaster Restoration Contractors who find themselves starting out where they were 20 years ago. On the way to the top, due to things inside and outside of their control, restoration companies fall or stop growing because they hit a ceiling. Our specialty is breaking through ceilings and building new layers of foundations to never fall back down.

Where You Are

Are you working for your company or is your company working for you? You can't seem to scale up or your foundation is not strong enough to support growth. It is time to revisit and rebuild each foundation you built years ago.

Why We Are

We endured taxing hardships and overcame mind-blowing adversity. Our experiences left a trail of blood, sweat and tears that eventually led to where we are today. We took their company from $1 million to $7 million and dominated the high net worth clienteles with their extremely high levels of customer service strategies.

How It Starts

Our story is proof that you don't have to be a genius to succeed in this business, you just need to know the path. You can do what we did and fight and claw your way to the top or you can avoid wasting the time, money and energy we did and head straight there with the roadmap we lay out.

Warrior Bootcamp

Restoration Warrior Bootcamp is for companies that are looking for a deep dive on leadership, sales, marketing and operations.

We have been hosting these live events for the last few years and our clients have seen massive increases and extreme steps forward.

Interested In Growing Your Business?

Are you working for your company or is your company working for you? Are you putting in 100 hours a week while your employees are making more money than you are? Like a skyscraper, you can’t build an empire without a solid foundation. Successful companies start laying the foundation of culture, systems, marketing and branding early instead of “waiting until we’re big enough”. Restoration Mastery clients build a foundation prepared for a massive empire. We get you from here to there.

Get The Greatest Mentors In The Restoration Industry

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